Tickets & Seating Tips


Ticket prices to The Lion King start at £35.00 for Grand Circle seats, which are located at the highest level of the auditorium. The next level down, the Royal Circle, has tickets starting at £40.00 per person. Stall seating, which is on the ground floor and is the area closest to the stage, can vary quite widely. Tickets start at £50.00 and can go up to £79.00 for the best seats in the house. These seats offer great views and proximity to the stage.

The best seats in the house are the premium seats. They are usually within the centre of the Stalls, but some are at the front of the Royal Circle, depending on whether you prefer being slightly high-up for an overall view of the stage or being closer to the action below. Details on premium tickets and their prices can be obtained from calling the Lyceum Theatre’s box office.

Boxes are available at times, but are usually reserved for wheelchair users. If you are needing to purchase tickets for those of limited mobility then give the box office a ring to enquire about any reduced rates that may be available for concessionaries.


The Lyceum Theatre has a huge seating capacity of 2,100 people on three levels – Stalls, Royal Circle and Grand Circle. Stall seats are located on the ground floor of the auditorium and are great for The Lion King as characters from the show often walk down the aisles which may make you feel more involved in the show. Seats here are also the closest to the stage. The middle level is the Royal Circle. These present excellent views of the stage below and you are not too high up in this section but you may feel slightly cut-off from the action. The highest seating level is the Grand Circle, on level 2 of the auditorium. Views are good from the front half but the further back you go, the more cut-off you may feel.

Restricted Viewing

If you are purchasing tickets and are worried about whether or not the seats have restricted viewing, then be aware that these seats are always labelled as such before purchasing. There are a couple of restricted viewing seats in the front of the Stalls and at the edges throughout, and also in the Upper Circle. The Royal Circle presents good views from all seats.

Best Seats for Children

If you are visiting the Lyceum Theatre with children below the age of ten, then it may be best to sit a little higher up in the auditorium, in either the Royal or Grand Circles. This way, they can get a much better view of the action below and will not have adult’s heads in their way. If the children you are coming along with are ten and over, however, then seats in the Stalls will be perfect for them as lots of characters walk down the aisles during the show and they will feel much more a part of the action sitting in these seats.

Children aged 3 and over will be permitted into the auditorium provided they can sit in their own seat and do not cause a distraction to other members of the audience.

Box Office

In Person

If you prefer to purchase tickets in person then you can do so by visiting the Box Office: Lyceum Theatre, Wellington Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2E 7RQ


The theatre does not have a direct telephone line to the Box Office, instead all calls are handled by a ticketing agent. When you call you reach a general helpline rather than a specific representative from the Lyceum Theatre. We recommend calling Theatre Tickets Cheap direct booking line on: 020 7492 9930.

Group Tickets and Concessions

Groups of over 8 people will have to use the Encore group booking line, as Theatre Tickets Cheap can only handle bookings of 8 or less.

Concession tickets are available for disabled and deaf patrons, with £15 off all tickets for The Lion King. Student concession tickets are currently not available.

Day Tickets

Unfortunately, The Lion King does not have any Day or Rush seats available.

Redeeming Theatre Tokens/Vouchers

If you have any theatre tokens or vouchers and would like to use them to see The Lion King, then it is best to redeem them in person at the Lyceum Theatre box office. Encore Vouchers however, can be redeemed through calling 020 7492 9930.

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